Hi, it’s my third and final week on the I.T Junction training programme, how time flies!

It was great to have the lovely Helen back this week to get us all in the mood for a topic which, though essential, really isn’t that exciting…Health and Safety! We went straight in to an exercise to try and make us aware of “how to keep both volunteers and users of the service safe”. We went into groups of three and went around identifying what was both safe and unsafe in the training room and I have to admit the majority of us were walking around with mock clipboards in hand taking on the persona of a health and safety officer, which also seemed to bring some very strange character voices out in many, who knows where that came from! So a bit of fun but it helped us know what we should be aware of.

Next up was role playing (aaaarrrggghhh!) but actually it was quite interesting and does makes you think “what if that was me?” I think I may have just learnt the reason behind role play !!!!!

Then we had a Q&A session with the inspirational Linda Randall who is one of the original IT Junction volunteers and has been at the Keystone Centre in Worthing for the last 18 months. It was great to get an ‘insiders’ perspective on it all, as Helen said she can teach us the theory but it’s not until you speak to someone who’s actually doing it that you get a real idea of what it’s like.

We heard about all the different people she’s encountered, different ages, backgrounds, abilities etc. and that sometimes a person may just need some support so a volunteers “people skills” can be just as important. We were then able to ask her any questions, which was really helpful and I think solved many of the ‘wobbles’ people may have had about actually starting in the role.

Well that’s me done and all in all I have really enjoyed the training and if you have a few hours to spare each week I would most definitely recommend volunteering for the IT Junction programme. It’s a great community service and the people are lovely and you get a certificate and everything!

Please if you want to sign up then call Tony /Kim 01903 256233