Hi there, me again, Jane! Well yesterday was the second I.T Junction volunteer training session. This week it was time to get a bit more hands on and find our own way around the Learn My Way website, which is great, check it out http://www.learnmyway.com

This session was led again by the lovely Kim but this time she was joined by Sally who is an I.T tutor and I was quite relieved to know there was no role play involved today!

We started the session with an ‘ice breaking’ activity, which really wasn’t as bad as it sounds. We went round the table and introduced ourselves, giving an example of a personal ‘brush with fame’. I was first up and of course drew a complete blank! Not about the name part, thank goodness!

Sally talked to us around some of the skills we may need in order to support people coming into the venues including helping us realise the vast range of abilities we may encounter, for example: Some people may have never touched a computer before and need help with the absolute basics, like how to turn a computer on and how to use a mouse; others may have special requirements that aren’t immediately obvious such as literacy or confidence issues.

I think it was really useful to make us aware that computers are second nature to many of us these days but that it’s easy to forget for others it can be the complete opposite and patience and understanding may be required on the part of the digital champion to help the person reach their goals.

We explored the website www.learnmyway.com to get a feel for the site and what it had to offer. I have to say I was mightily impressed with the content of the site and wish I had been aware of it earlier. The site provides information and tutorials on a huge range of subjects from basics like ‘mouse and keyboard basics’ to money advice and ‘job hunting online’. The site is most definitely of benefit to those looking for the very basics right through to those with wishing to brush up on existing skills so “Well done” Learn My Way you really think about the needs of your users.

Well that’s me done for another week. Third and final instalment to follow…